Emergency Water Damage Services In Toronto

An emergency water damage situation can happen at any household. You cannot always predict or
prevent it, but you can be prepared!
Pipe burst, roof leak, sewage backup or flood in the basement require fast reaction and immediate
actions. Incoming water can cause significant damage to your floors, walls, furniture and carpets, unless
water extraction measures are taken promptly!
Professional team of water damage technicians from Water Damage Toronto arrives on site within 45
minutes, and is ready to provide 24/7 emergency water damage response!
The company’s main objectives, when dealing with water damage, are: minimizing the immediate
damage; preventing secondary damage, such as mold growth; protecting customer’s personal
belongings and providing clean and safe living environment in the end of the project.
The process of water damage restoration includes:
- Identifying the source of incoming water
- Emergency on-site repair
- Water extraction
- Sanitizing and disinfection
- Installing professional drying equipment
- Mold prevention and control
- Restoration of the affected areas
Water Damage Toronto has performed hundreds of residential, commercial and industrial water
damage restoration projects in Toronto and GTA. The company’s specialists are fully licensed and
certified by the IICRC. Their skills and experience guarantee thorough completion of any water damage
project with maximum attention to details.
Customers’ safety is the primary concern for Water Damage Toronto; the company uses only eco-
friendly cleaning solutions and equipment that meets the highest industry standards!
Homeowners are encouraged to contact Water Damage Toronto professionals immediately, whenever
they have flood! Procrastination can cause secondary damage and increase the cost of water removal
and restoration services. Contacting your insurance company is important too, but it can be done while
the restoration works are in progress! Recommendations can also be provided on proper filing of the
insurance claims in case of water damage.
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