Water Damage Services Toronto

At Water Damage Toronto, we provide a full range of services covering all types of water damage- from water damage extraction, water damage repair and on to full restoration. All our services conform to the highest IICRC standards and they include;

  • Emergency services- getting professional assistance from professional Toronto water damage company immediately is important because the longer you wait, the bigger the problem is going to get and the more damage and losses you are going to suffer. Our emergency water damage Toronto services are available 24/7 to people who live in and around the greater Toronto area and we guarantee the arrival of our experts within 1 hour of getting in touch with us for help.
  • Water extraction- whether it is a flooded basement, flooded upper floors or flooding in specific rooms, our team is able to provide professional water extraction services to help you get rid of the water.
  • Water damage repair and restoration- after we extract the flooding water from your house, we can also help you with the repairs and restoration process that is needed in order to get things back to normal. Our water damage restoration process is unique in that we always make sure that full restoration is achieved each time we are called in and we do an extra, final inspection after the restoration process to fully assess the outcomes.
  • Sewage back up- we handle all types of sewer back up issues for both residential and commercial premises. Our team has the right equipment and expertise to deliver expert sewer cleanup services and to help you get rid of stains and repair any property that has been damaged by sewage backup.
  • Mold removal and prevention- presence of moisture encourages the growth of mold and this commonly happens after water damage. We can inspect your place for the presence of mold, remove it if found and help you prevent it from coming back.



Q:  Are all type of losses covered by insurance?

A:  Unfortunately no,  the most common reasons insurance will cover are , burst pipe’s and sewage backup ( if you have coverage ). Ground water the typically flood basements is not covered however some insurance companies make exceptions.


Q:  How important is to react fast:

A:  fast response to an emergency water situation Is critical to prevent secondary damage. The faster you remove the water, dry the structure, the higher chance of preventing secondary damage the additional rebuild costs.


Q:  Can A Plumbing Company Be A Good Company To Call ?

A: Yes and No.  Uncligging a drain or fixing the pipe, yes we need a team, however, dealing with actual extraction, dry out, mold prevention you need a restoration company.

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