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Seepage season, is it official yet? Water damages are happening due to water coming in through the foundation. Your foundation can be block or concrete, and with our weather changing all the time they don’t always hold up to keep water out.

The grounds are not so frozen and the snow we are continuing to get will melt when the weather gets warmer and many homes in Toronto have water all around them.

The water/Snow should be directed away from the house/foundation so that a damage that will require extraction or clean up can be prevented.

If you have an unfinished basement- look at the walls, check for moister or water stains. If you have block foundation you may see different colours as well as some white substance known as efflorescence, that usually is an indication of saturated blocks.

In finished basements, look out for wet carpets or drywall. Being proactive can prevent floods and mold growth.

Water Damage Toronto can help if you need. We are so close to you that we will be there in 45 minutes or less. 

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