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Toronto Water Damage Spring Runoff

The long-awaited spring is often heralded by water run off which can present a significant problem, especially in areas like Toronto that experience heavy snowfalls. Heavier than usual winter snow accumulation offers an increased threat of spring flooding and ensuing property damage, especially in the case of basement flooding.

Once temperatures start to rise, Toronto homeowners should be aware of the potential dangers of flooding and take steps to reduce their risks by watching for any standing pools of water on their lawn or any water running down the foundation. Melting snow from the roof and home surroundings should ideally be drained away. Property owners should consider taking some or all of these steps to avoid water damage:

  1. Divert any standing water near the property to at least 2 metres away from the foundation
  2. Shovel any snow accumulation away from basement windows
  3. Clear any snow on the ground that may be preventing proper water drainage
  4. Ensure that redirected water flow is not channeled to a neighbour’s property

Toronto’s aging sewer and water infrastructure is often ill equipped to deal with the heavy spring run off. The most common side effect of an overloaded system is sewer backup, when the Toronto sanitary storm system backs up and pushes sewage up through sewage connections such as toilets, floor drains, and sinks.  Water can also enter properties through windowsills, foundation cracks, external walls, and utility holes.

If you’ve experienced property flooding, finding the origin of the leak is your first priority. Once located, the leak must be sealed and any standing water removed. The infrastructure must then be cleaned and meticulously dried to impede potential mold growth. Keep in mind that the longer the structure remains wet, the higher the chance of mould growth developing. Dealing promptly and correctly with water or excess moisture in your home is imperative to avoid costly future problems.

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