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Water Damage Services 

At Water Damage Toronto, we offer and provide solutions for all water damage issues. If a flood or water damage is not handled immediately, secondary damage can occur and worsen the situation. Here are common water repair issues that home owners deal with and Water Damage Toronto provides solutions for: 

  • emergency water damage services     
  • water damage                   
  • water damage repair 
  • water damage cleanup
  • water extraction
  • water remediation
  • sewage backup 
  • sewage backup cleanup
  • flood restoration
  • flooded basement 
  • flood cleanup 
  • flood damage
  • flood services

Water Damage Toronto utilizes top-of-the-line equipment to complete water extractions. We understand the importance of using advanced technology to speed up the process and effectively restore your home back to its normal coniditon. Below is a description of our water extraction procedure: 

                                                     Water Extraction & Remediation Process

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