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Sewer Backup Cleanup Services in Toronto

As a home owner living in Toronto and its surrounding areas, you do not want to ever have to deal with sewage back up problem in your home. Unfortunately, sewage back up in Toronto is something that is quite common, particularly for the older houses whose main sewer lines have not been replaced for a long time. Water Damage Toronto provides fast and reliable sewage back up clean up services for people living within the greater Toronto area and we can help you deal with the problem and bring things back to normal within the shortest time possible.

What causes sewage back up in Toronto?

The causes of sewer back up in Toronto are almost as varied as the homes that have this problem if you look into the specifics since anything that causes blockage of the sewer lines will eventually lead to a sewer back up problem. However, it you take a wider outlook and just stick to the big picture then you can say that sewage back up can occur as a result of two main causes.

  • Clogging of main sewer lines- the main sewer line is the big drainage pipe that connects to all the sinks, bathtubs and toilets in your house. This means that if it gets clogged and sewage is not allowed to pass through then the sewage will eventually back up into your house. If you find that all the drains from your sinks, toilets and bathtubs in the house are not working at the same time then the problem is most likely caused by blockage of the main sewer line leading away from your house.
  • Clogging of small drain pipes- sometimes only individual drains leading to the main sewer get clogged and this too can cause sewage back up in the house. However, the scale is usually lower here and only the affected toilet or bathtub will not work and the others will still work as they used to.
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