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Water Damage in Toronto

Water damage in Toronto happens for many reasons.

It can happen due to very strong rain that usually causes sewage back ups, foundation leaks, windows that can’t hold the water back. The water effects, carpets, hard wood floors, furniture and personal belongings. First thing you need to do is save what you can – if sewage came in contact with it , do not touch is with bare hands, put gloves on.


There are many water damage restoration companies that offer services. Do they have thermal imaging camera’s, do they follow IICRC/ CLEAN TRUST guide lines, have insurance in place, know how to work with your insurance company if needed? Will they have YOUR best interest in mind?

We are a division of Canada’s Restoration Services in Toronto. The companies experience is extended to huge high rise buildings and small puddles in cold rooms.

Water damage that is not dealt with immediately may lead to Mold, so arriving on site quickly is important. It’s critical to make sure secondary damage is prevented.

Water damage Toronto is close by to help you in the GTA and surrounding areas.

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